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Visit Spooky Magic Town – if you dare.  Each October we transform Michael Garman’s 1/6th scale sculptural theater into a spooky village filled with ghouls, ghosts and zombies.

Magic Town Exhibit Information

Magic Town

Michael Garman’s Magic Town is a miniature city that combines hundreds of intricately detailed sculptures and cityscapes with magical elements to create one of the world’s truly unique attractions.

“It’s a gigantic playground for the mind,” said its creator, Michael Garman. “Part carnival, part dollhouse, part sculpture.” Magic Town was inspired by Garman’s own experiences as a vagabond in the 1950s and 60s. “These are snapshots of my time in Buenos Aires, Santiago, San Francisco, Dallas, and Philadelphia,” Garman explained. “It took me over a million dollars and parts of four decades to pull it from my mind and get the thing built.”

Located in the historic district of Old Colorado City, Magic Town is a 1/6th scale miniaturized urban neighborhood, complete with dozens of handcrafted buildings, alleyways, and sidewalk scenes that transform before your very eyes. As you look down an alleyway and see the lights dim, notice how the sculptures seem to have moved and an entire new scene magically appears. Holograms heckle you as you pass by, and other visual and sound effects work to transport you into the stories that are revealed in each window and around every corner.

Michael Garman began constructing Magic Town in 1975, and continued working on it throughout the next 45 plus years. He describes it as a “gritty Americana.” Michael blended humor and honesty to portray a world as familiar as any big-city neighborhood.

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Magic Town Exhibit Specialty Events

Christmas In Magic Town

Each holiday season Magic Town is decorated for the Christmas holiday including holiday themed characters, holograms, lighting, and much more.

Spooky Magic Town

Each October Michael Garman’s miniature city is transformed into a spooky city filled with ghouls, ghosts, and zombies.

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Take the Interactive Video Tour

Take a virtual tour of Magic Town, or join Michael Garman in this 4-minute video presentation.